Microsoft Teams Google Classroom and SeeSaw Information

Microsoft Teams Information

Within MS Teams itself, students have the capacity to access their Google Classroom, Seesaw and the Student Learning Centre. Some people, depending on the device they use, experience issues between components. Please read the following to determine the best approach for you.

MS Teams can be used in two ways:

  1. Web browser: The link in the Student Learning Centre will open MS Teams up as a new tab in Google Chrome. This way students can have each of the sites they use for their learning program as different tabs in Google Chrome. The benefit of this is that any interaction issues between each program are significantly reduced. The limitation with this is that in video conferencing a user can usually only see one person at a time.
  2. Desktop/Tablet/Chromebook app: MS Teams can be downloaded as a separate app to be used on your computer, chromebook or ipad/tablet. The downloadable instructions can be found on the 'Online Learning Platform' section of the Student Learning Centre as well as on the Catholic Education Online Learning Explorer Centre. The only issues that may be experienced in using the MS Teams app version is that some Google Classrooms links may be interrupted. When videoconferencing with the app a user can see at least four other people in the group.

Google Classrooms

Google Classrooms is part of the G Suite for Education. Upon enrolment Catholic Education of Canberra and Goulburn (CECG) provide all students in our school with access to this using a secure email and password. Students in Years 3 to 6 have been provided with these log in details. Log in details for students in Years Kindergarten to Year 2 are available from their teacher. In the event of a school closure these will be provided again to all students to take home in 'Home Learning Packs'.

Please watch the following video for a brief overview of Google Classrooms.

A note to our students about Google Classrooms

Once you log in to Google Classrooms and then enter your classroom there will be some help on how to use Google Classroom effectively. If you are having difficulty in logging into Google Classrooms be sure to email your teacher or have your parents email them as soon as possible to get help. Remember the main points in the video above:

  • You need to open up Google Chrome or another web browser on your computer to access your Google Classroom. You can also access it on a tablet or phone by downloading the Google Classroom app.
  • You will need your school email address and password to log into your Google Classroom. These are private and secure. Do not share them with anyone other than you parents.


Teachers at St John's, particularly those of younger students, will continue to use Seesaw to directly message parents in their class community. These messages might be broad communications across the whole class group of parents and carers or a direct message to specific parents and carers (e.g. quick reminders).

Seesaw is available through apps for phones and tablets or can be logged into on computers and chromebooks.

If using a phone or tablet there are two types of Seesaw apps:


Seesaw Class app

This app is for students and if they are using an ipad or tablet as part of their remote learning then they can access anything from the teacher through this app.

Students are given a log in code 
iOS: Download Seesaw Class iPhone/iPad app
Android: Download Seesaw Class app
Chromebooks & Computers: Sign in on Seesaw Website (Chrome or Firefox)