Assessment & Communication

Assessment in primary school spans the full school year. Every teacher sees the importance of continually gathering information and making judgements about the students’ strengths, weaknesses, abilities, achievements and needs. Such assessment is used in planning the next set of learning experiences.

Teachers use a range of assessment practices including:

  • Student personal reflection and goal setting
  • Recorded observations of student learning
  • Occasional administration of progress tests designed to suit a particular group of children
  • Checklists and Rubrics
  • Anecdotal assessment
  • Rich assessment tasks
  • Daily records
  • Formal Government testing - NAPLAN (in Years 3 and 5)
  • Specific screening e.g. reading running records, SENA tests, Kindergarten  Assessment


Communication between teachers and parents is vital to the success of the children’s learning. We encourage any parent/carer to get in contact and meet with their childs teacher and discuss the progress and any concerns you may have throughout the year.

Communication  Explanation When
Parent Information Night An overview of the whole school curriculum, any new endeavours and the focus for the year and an opportunity to meet the staff. Beginning of every new school year
Class Information Packs An outline of the curriculum for your childs class\year group and any significant activities including calendar dates. Beginning of every term
Parent/Teacher Interviews A meet and greet is offered for you to share any information with your childs new teacher that may assist in the coming year. Beginning of the school year
Parent/Teacher Interviews To provide you with information on how your child is developing in all areas of school, usually prior to the school reports being sent out. Term 2 and Term 4
Learning Journeys\Open classrooms Learning Journeys are for parents\careers to come and see what your child has been achieving within the classroom environment. Yearly or per Semester
Student Achievement Reports Formal notification on your childs development. Per Semester