Student Leadership

Senior SJV students are encouraged and given the opportunity to engage in leadership opportunities and responsibilities, developing their overall skillset. 

Year 6 Leadership

The Year 6 students engage in a specific program which has four categories of leadership roles:

  • Media Mogul
  • Hospitality Host
  • Activity Activist
  • Eager Environmentalist

These roles give the students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to organise and lead activities that take place in our school or community.

Year 5 Leadership

The Year 5 students are made “Heart Space” leaders and they assist teachers in delivering a values program across the school. They also engage in organising a Mini Vinnies project each year.

Student Representative Council

The SRC provides an avenue for students to express views and become part of the decision making process with regards to issues that affect the student body.  It also provides an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles and be responsible for actioning initiatives.

Students from Year3 to Year 6 are eligible to be on the SRC.  One male and one female student from each year group are selected from their peers each Semester.  Staff members support and guide the SRC members and the meetings.

Some of responsiblities of the Council are:

  • Social Events
  • Fundraising for charity
  • Improvements at the school

Elected members are presented with an SRC badge to wear for the duration of their term.

Buddy Program 

Throughout the school, a class buddy system operates which encourages friendships across different year levels.