Learning Support

The aim of the Learning Support Program is to support and encourage those children in the school who, for a variety of reasons, require extra assistance or extension in order to maximise their educational experiences. The Learning Support Team provides assistance and support to the classroom teacher who has the core responsibility for the children’s learning.

Our Learning Support Program offers learning support from a learning support teacher and assistants. The most effective practice for helping learners with special needs is one which focuses on a concerted and collaborative approach involving the class teacher, home and the learning support team. Flexible approaches are taken to address the variety of student needs.

Opportunities for children who are gifted and talented are also provided as a regular part of our school curriculum through school based programs as well as opportunities to attend programs outside the school.

Reading Rockets @ SJV

Reading Rockets is a targeted reading intervention program that is conducted by the Learning Support Team. It provides a series of intensive individual lessons in a one - to - one situation for 20-30 minutes. A child receives an individual lesson in addition to the normal classroom literacy experience. During each session, the child will read books, practise sounds and write sentences. Sessions emphasise reading as a positive experience and all of the children’s efforts are praised. Essential to the program is parental support. Parents are required to listen to their child read every night. The goal of the program is to establish confident readers.